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Welcome to POOR COIN, the club where our bank accounts are emptier than a politician's promises. Our goal? To stuff those sad wallets of ours. Maybe even afford something fancier than instant noodles on occasion. So, let's stumble together towards the glorious dream of slightly less pathetic bank balances. Buckle up, its a wild ride from the land of broke to the kingdom of could be worse. Who said poverty isn't hilarious?
Are you seriously still chasing rainbows, thinking there will be gold at the bottom? No wonder youre still broke. Nows the time to get less poor and join this community. After all, misery loves company.
Oh, just one minuscule, utterly trivial, practically microscopic detail that just so happens to be as MASSIVE as the difference between being flat broke and slightly less poor

With just 100$ spend,
You'll be raking in


directly in USDT, ETH, or BNB from whatever your referral deposits.

Our Manifiesto

Poor Coin is the meme playground for those of us still hunting for loose change in the couch. We've ditched the "white paper" snooze and jumped straight into the hustle: trying to make a buck.

We're not just offering you a chance to be part of the revolution; we're throwing in some extra bucks to treat yourself to a meal (or twenty) during our presale - all on us. Because at Poor Coin, we believe that every investment should come with its perks.

Here's the dream: A community that trusts in the hustle, shares in the glory, and laughs all the way to the bank. So join this underdog alliance on a quest to upgrade from 'pretty much broke' to 'somewhat less broke'.

Together, we'll laugh in the face of poverty, one cent at a time.

Ticker: POORTotal supply: 1,000,000,00050% at Presale10% at Listing35% for Referred Bonuses5% for Charity Wallet



Token Name:

We're keeping it simple
and straight to the point.


Token Supply:

We've got a cool billion
POOR COINs to start with.
No frills, just plenty to go around.



50% of total supply, 500 million POOR COIN, hits presale. No elitism, just dreamers and hustlers ready to shake up the game.


Referral Program:

Ready for an epic twist? Spread the word about POOR COIN during our presale, and gain a staggering 10% in referral fees. Yes, you heard it right! The spoils of this crypto revolution can be reaped in your preferred currency - USDT, ETH, or BNB.


Referral Bonus:

Buy 1000 POOR COIN, and we'll richly reward you with a 'wealth' of 100 bonus coins - The 'POOR'fect storm. But remember, there's no bonus if you buy solo; it's the referral code that triggers this treasure trove.


Liquidity Provision:

Here's the clincher: zero transaction fees with POOR COIN. No buy tax, no sell tax, just pure trading. After the pre-sale, we're fueling liquidity on a decentralized exchange, locked tight for a year. Simple, transparent, and all about the hustle.

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This roadmap keeps our mission at heart: it's not about getting rich, it's about being a little less poor, together.


Here's the straight-up, no-cap rundown on how to cop some POOR COIN.

Step 01Set up MetaMask for desktop daredevils or Trust Wallet for mobile maniacs.
Step 02Click "Connect Wallet". It's like introducing your wallet to a new friend.
Step 03Grab some ETH, BNB, or USDT from Think of it like trading in old jeans for new ones.
Step 04Got crypto? Swap it for POOR COIN. Punch in your amount, confirm, and voila!
Step 05If you're a USDT enthusiast, use it to grab some POOR COIN. Remember, double confirmation needed!
Step 06Check your loot. If POOR COIN isn't there, you know what to do.
Step 07After presale, watch the magic happen. POOR COIN claim time!
Step 08Visit the main site, slam that 'claim' button, and become less poor with POOR COIN!



What is POOR COIN?

Ah, POOR COIN, the finest creation of the meme coin universe. It's like a virtual high-five for the financially impaired.


Is POOR COIN a good investment?

Well, that's a loaded question. It really depends on you, your risk tolerance, and your unyielding faith in the power of pocket change.


Are there any transaction fees associated with POOR COIN?

Pfft, we've banished those! We believe in setting our fellow penniless souls free from the shackles of unnecessary charges.


Did you guys have a presale?

I hope I didn’t miss out! Oh, you're in luck! We've got a presale going on right now! The opportunity to grab some POOR COIN is still within your grasp.


What's the total supply of POOR COIN?

We've got a staggering 1,000,000,000 POOR COINs ready to sprinkle some financial fairy dust into your pitifully lacking portfolio.


Is there a fancy marketing Wallet or a secretive team Wallet?

Oh, we're far too transparent for that. No hidden pockets of riches here! Our team, just like your bank account, is as empty as can be.


Can POOR COIN make me rich?

Oh, dear reader, while we appreciate your optimism, we must manage expectations. POOR COIN is more of a humor-filled escape from the harsh reality of being poor than a guaranteed golden ticket to wealth.


What's the future of POOR COIN?

Ah, the great mystery! As a community-driven token, it's all in the hands of you, the proud POOR COIN holders. Together, we shall navigate the treacherous waters of financial instability, one poor step at a time.